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Daryl Weatherup
Global Product Manager
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DIOX-A Generador de Dióxido de Cloro

En lo generadores DIOX-A de Wallace & Tiernan®, el dióxido de cloro es producido en solución acuosa de concentración constante, mediante el método Ácido + Clorito.

In the Wallace & Tiernan® DIOX-A generators, chlorine dioxide is produced as an aqueous solution of constant strength. For the generation, hydrochloric acid (9%) and sodium chlorite (7.5%) are used. Both reagents are fed by means of peristaltic pumps directly from commercial carboys into a pressureless reaction tank. The precise feed rate of the peristaltic pumps is constantly monitored by flow totalizers. Any undue deviation of the flow rate or a failure of the operating water supply will automatically shut down the system and set off an alarm signal.
The surplus of hydrochloric acid in the reaction tank ensures a high conversion rate of the chlorite into chlorine dioxide.



  • Drinking water
  • Breweries
  • Soft drink industry
  • Industrial water
  • Cooling water
  • Wastewater

 Key BEnefits

  • Manual control and automatic control mode selectable
  • PLC-controlled unit with mimic diagram and operating panel, plain-text menu assistance
  • Display of service intervals
  • User-adjustable alarm contacts
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