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Cooling Tower HVAC Water Filtration Systems


For many organizations, whether you are using your cooling tower water for industrial/process applications or comfort cooling, there will be a requirement for a cooling tower filtration system coupled with a chemical treatment program. A cooling tower water treatment system is necessary in ensuring an efficient process and long equipment service life for your connecting components (heat exchangers, chiller tubes, evaporative condensers, cooling tower basin, piping system and more) and downstream technology.

Water from cooling towers attracts and absorbs airborne contaminants on a continuous basis. Airborne debris and other suspended particles found in cooling tower water contribute to the excessive creation of deposits (scale, corrosion, fouling and biological activity), negatively impacting heat transfer efficiency. Such concerns will then lead to a reduction in heat transfer efficiencies and an increase in system operating & maintenance costs.

​Let Evoqua's cooling tower filtration experts help you design a system that best suits your growing needs. Cooling Tower HVAC Water Filtration Systems