Chloropac® On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generating Systems for Marine & Biological Fouling

Chloropac Systems are a proven method of preventing marine & biological fouling using technically superior equipment for energy efficient, long term plant operation.


The Chloropac system produces, on-site, a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite for direct injection into the water circuit. Chloropac’s advanced electrolyzer technology has freed thousands of users worldwide from the cost and danger of purchasing and handling chemicals associated with other technologies.

Chloropac Quality Assurance & Environmental Management
Chloropac Technology


Chloropac applications include:

Offshore Oil & Gas Production Development - Gravity base, FPSO TLP, Semi-submersible
Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration Drilling Rigs - Jack-up, Semi-submersible, Drill ship
Petrochemical - Fertilizer production, Chemical products, Cement works.
Refinery Processing - Oil, gas and methanol, LNG/NGL, Paper, Metals (steel, aluminum)
Desalination Plant - Multistage flash, Evaporation, Reverse osmosis
Power Generation Utility - Steam power plant, Combines cycle gas turbine, Offshore wind parks
Ships and Vessels - Oil Tanker, Naval Fleet, Supply Boat, Ferry, Container and Cruise Ships, Cargo and Gas Carriers, Barge
Water and Wastewater Utilities - Municipal, Industrial
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Features and Benefits


  • Precise, Total Control of Chlorination
  • An innovative design that looks after itself
  • Compact, Adaptable Installation
  • Low power requirements
  • Custom made, skid-mounted assemblies


  • The Chloropac power supply is designed to give constant DC output, infinitely adjustable over the range 0-100%. This enables production to be maintained at the precise level required, irrespective of variable sea water temperature and salinity conditions.
  • The generating cells in the Chloropac need no back flush or periodic cleaning. The cell system is specifically designed with high velocity to flush the cell in operation, preventing calcareous deposits.
  • The key to Chloropac’s installation design is the modular grouping of the component equipment.
  • Chloropac coatings are robust and resistant enough to tolerate raised anode potentials and are designed to be operated at normal currents in cold-water seas without risk of accelerated platinum loss. 

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Product Documentation

Chloropac Systems for Seawater Electrochlorination

Onsite Hypochlorite Generation - Solving Oil & Gas Industry Biofouling Issues (Reprinted with revisions to format, from the March/April 2006 edition of INDUSTRIAL WATERWORLD.  Copyright 2006 by PennWell Corporation)

Parts & Services

Parts & Service:
Robert Weddle -Technical Services Manager
Phone: 908.851.2277


 Article Reprint: Onsite Hypochlorite Generation - Solving Oil & Gas Industry Biofouling Issues