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Endoscope Reprocessing

Water is a key element to endoscope reprocessing.
​Evoqua offers a range of prefiltration, microfiltration, and ultrafiltration products as well as reverse osmosis systems to improve the quality of water used to feed endoscope reprocessing equipment. Our products are designed to remove bacteria, particulates, dissolved solids, and other contaminants that compromise endoscope reprocessing and rinsing. Evoqua products help control replacement costs of expensive filters inside your reprocessing equipment.

 Filtration Products

  • ​Prefiltration, high-efficiency media removes particulates, colloids, silt, dirt, and gross contaminants
  • Absolute rated microfiltration products minimize bacterial contamination
  • Ultrafiltration provides a barrier to bacteria and pyrogenic substances
  • Filtration extends the life of high cost endoscope filters
  • Reduced operational cost with less frequent exchanges
  • Water softeners to reduce hardness and prevent scaling

 Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • ​RO systems offer flexibility and reliability
  • Microprocessor controlled for easy programming and monitoring
  • Reject recycle feature minimizes waste and maximizes water utilization
  • Designed to meet the needs of endoscopy reprocessing