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Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) Treatment for Drinking Water Webinar

Webcast on this date:   March 21, 2017

What are perfluorinated compounds and where are they found? Why should we worry? In this webcast sponsored by Evoqua Water Technologies, attendees are introduced to the various methods for treating perfluorinated compounds (PFCs/PFOA/PFOS), as well as the pros and cons of each.

A successful case study using activated carbon treatment technology is discussed by Adam M. Redding, PhD., a scientist working on activated carbon products at Evoqua Water Technologies.

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Learn more about the solutions Evoqua offers for PFC remediation.

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Adam M. Redding, PhD
Environmental Solutions
Evoqua Water Technologies LLC


Adam Redding directs activated carbon research and development for Evoqua Water Technologies. He received his PhD in Environmental Engineering from Penn State University in 2008, where his dissertation focused on predicting the removal of endocrine disruptors and pharmaceuticals on modified activated carbons. Adam also holds a master’s degree from Penn State, where his research thesis focused on modifying activated carbons for improved removal of taste and odor compounds from drinking water.

Caitlin M. Gross, MEng
Environmental Solutions
Evoqua Water Technologies LLC


Caitlin Gross develops new and existing activated carbon opportunities for Evoqua Water Technologies. Prior to joining Evoqua, Caitlin helped to conceptualize and build an activated carbon start-up company that was acquired by Australian activated carbon company, Carbonxt. She served as the Marketing Director for both companies where she led the business development and marketing teams, primarily selling activated carbon to the power industry for mercury control. Caitlin holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida.