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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater solutions for compliance and reuse.
​Water that is used in industrial processes — from steelmaking to agriculture, power generation and semiconductor manufacturing — is inevitably changed by the process. Chemicals are added and byproducts are picked up as the water moves through the system. As a result, industrial wastewater often requires treatment to remove solids, oil and grease, bacteria, regulated chemicals and other substances before it can be reused or discharged to the environment.

Evoqua Water Technologies provides a complete range of solutions and services for treating industrial wastewater to meet process needs as well as environmental regulations. Our products include filtration, clarifying systems, biological treatment, dewatering, disinfection, ion exchange, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and other technologies for removing impurities from water. We also provide customers with the engineering and knowhow that helps them choose the right approach, and support our solutions through North America’s largest service network.

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