Oil and Gas

Evoqua offers solutions for the onshore and offshore Oil and Gas industry to some of the largest players in the industry.

The oil and gas industry is faced with a number of challenges including rising operational costs, low oil prices and the need to maintain production levels to ensure cost efficiency. At the same time, safety remains of paramount importance to protect workers and to protect the environment. In recent years, high profile oil spills have highlighted just how devastating an accident can be, damaging ocean and land environments, a company's bottom line and reputation.

Water treatment is an essential element in which operators should not overlook for optimizing process improvement and maintaining safety during operation. Proper water treatment is critical for efficient and maximized performance of equipment and is equally vital in preventative maintenance programs and measures.

Equipment failures can cost oil and gas companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, as well as pose a safety risk to crew members and the environment. Evoqua offers solutions to protect the lifetime of your asset. With over 40 years' experience in delivering projects to the offshore market, Evoqua understands the strict regulations and requirements that the industry needs to comply with their regulators.  


Evoqua offers solutions to protect the lifetime of your equipment and has served the O&G industry for more than 40 years.

Chloropac® Systems can save oil producers over 5% of lost production by reducing biofouling of heating and cooling systems. These systems are used by 75% of leading rig operators to keep their field assets operating efficiently.

Evoqua is also the preferred provider for proven blow out preventor (BOP) fluid managment systems to some of the largest rig water players in the industry.


To benefit from the process efficiency, cost, safety and environmental gains that can be associated with water treatment solutions, it is essential to make the right technology selection for the lifetime of a project.