Municipal Videos

Learn more about Evoqua's Municipal offering with these informational videos.
​Adoption of New Technologies and Replacement of Aging Infrastructure in Municipal Wastewater

​Marc Roehl, VP and GM of Municipal Wastewater, discusses what Evoqua Water Technologies is doing to help foster the adoption of new technologies and to provide replacement equipment and services for aging plants.

Clarifier Upgrades for Improved Performance

Product Manager, Allen Lepak, describes common clarifier performance issues and how Evoqua’s FEDWA Baffle System and Tow-Bro® hydraulic sludge removal system address these challenges.

Sequencing Batch Reactors for Treatment in a Single Reactor

Ken Norcross, co-founder of Jet Tech and consultant for Evoqua, explains how Sequencing Batch Reactors complete multiple treatment steps sequentially over time in a single reactor. Benefits include flexibility to address changing water conditions, nutrient removal, and a small footprint.

Rotating Biological Contactor Rehab and Retrofit Services

Applications Expert, Debbie Hyke, talks about signs for repair or replacement of Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) units and provides helpful tips on how to improve performance.

​Odor and Corrosion Control Challenges and New Technologies

Evoqua’s Dr. Jennifer Miller, VP Municipal Services, shares her insights into odor and corrosion control challenges and the new technologies available for more effective treatment.

CoMag® System for Faster Solids Settling

Product Manager, Casey Whittier, explains how Evoqua's CoMag® System enhances solids settling, improves effluent quality, and increases treatment capacity.

Odor and Corrosion Control Solutions

District Sales Manager, Vaughan Harshman, highlights Evoqua's line of solutions to remove hydrogen sulfide and protect wastewater systems from odor and corrosion.

Orbal® System for TrueSND™ Biological Treatment

Technical Sales Manager, Freddy Kade, discusses Evoqua's Orbal® System for TrueSND™ biological treatment, which provides simultaneous nitrification-denitrification, reducing energy costs and maintaining flexibility and redundancy for changing conditions.