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Odor Control Solutions

Evoqua offers the most comprehensive line of odor control solutions and services in the industry

Odor in wastewater systems is primarily caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which is released in the form of a gas. High levels of H2S can lead to odor complaints from the surrounding community and unsafe conditions for workers. In addition, hydrogen sulfide accelerates corrosion in collection systems and wastewater plants, leading to dangerous leaks and costly repairs.  

For over 40 years, Evoqua has provided odor and corrosion control solutions that prevent and remove hydrogen sulfide, protecting the integrity of infrastructure systems and preserving quality of life. Our technical expertise, reliable professional service network, and broad range of products and services allows us to provide the best solution to meet your needs.

Applications for odor and corrosion control treatment include: collection systems, wastewater plants, and biosolids processing.

Collection SystemS

As wastewater is collected and transferred to the plant, hydrogen sulfide can build up in the collection system.  This can cause odor complaints and significant infrastructure corrosion. Evoqua can eliminate odor complaints and protect your system from harmful corrosion.

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​Wastewater PlantS

As pressurized wastewater enters the headworks, it releases hydrogen sulfide gas, causing odor and potentially unsafe working conditions. H2S can also lead to significant corrosion in the headworks structure and equipment. Evoqua can provide effective solutions to  control hydrogen sulfide at your plant, protecting your system from odor and corrosion.

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​Biosolids Process

Biosolids residuals from the wastewater treatment process can contain a wide variety of odor causing compounds. Evoqua can provide turnkey solutions to control odor in the biosolids treatment, transportation, and disposal processes.

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View our Municipal Wastewater Technology Map for an overview of plant and collection system technologies.

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​By choosing Evoqua, you are not only protecting your system from hydrogen sulfide, but gaining a professional and reliable partner in extending the life of your infrastructure and preserving quality of life.

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