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Liquid Phase Odor Control

Effectively control wastewater odor and corrosion with Evoqua's comprehensive solutions

​Odor and corrosion are caused by elevated levels of Hydrogen Sulfide, a naturally occurring compound in wastewater. Evoqua's liquid phase odor control solutions prevent and remove hydrogen sulfide at the source, protecting your system from harmful odors and corrosion. The VersaDose® Automated Dosing Controller and Link2Site® Remote Monitoring uniquely deliver operators the real-time visibility and control for consistent, effective odor, and corrosion control. These technologies, coupled with industry's most responsive service branches, allow Evoqua to offer customers unparalleled peace of mind.

Evoqua's liquid phase treatments include:

Nitrate Treatment

  • Bioxide® Nitrate Solutions  control odor and corrosion by effectively eliminating dissolved hydrogen sulfide and preventing downstream formation of new sulfides. The innovative Bioxide Plus 71 Solution includes a proprietary blend component to minimize the accumulation of fats, oils, and grease (FOG).  

Ph Shift Technology

  •  Alkagen® Solution is a fast-activing pH shift technology that provides sulfide control within seconds of application. It also reduces the impact of FOG and provides a beneficial alkaline supplement.


  • Hydrogen peroxide controls odor-causing sulfides and adds dissolved oxygen to the system, which reduces biological oxygen demand.
  • VX 456 mixed oxidant solution reacts rapidly with sulfides and controls odor for an extended period of time.

Iron Salts

  • ODOPHOS®​ Iron Salt Solution binds hydrogen sulfide, preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide gas, effectively eliminating odors and preventing corrosion. It also aids in phosphorous and solids removal in wastewater treatment facilities.


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