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Wastewater Clarification & Separation

Envirex® clarifiers have led the industry since 1910.

Clarification and separation technologies remove suspended solids from wastewater, providing a clarified liquid effluent for downstream treatment processes. There are two main types of wastewater clarification; primary and secondary.  Primary clarification removes solids prior to biological treatment. Secondary clarification follows the biological treatment process with the main goal of rapidly returning activated sludge.

Evoqua offers a variety of wastewater clarification technologies for primary and secondary treatment. Rim-Flo® circular clarifiers introduce feed at the periphery of the tank to increase treatment capacity and collect sludge with the Tow-Bro® hydraulic sludge removal system. Envirex® chain and scraper systems use high-strength non-metallic chain and durable flights to scrape sludge along the floor and skim floating solids. CoMag® ballasted clarification systems provide rapid settling for increased capacity and enhanced nutrient removal. Folded-Flow® Dissolved Air Flotation Separators introduces air or gas into recirculated effluent to float and remove suspended solids.

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