Microelectronics Technologie Suite
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Microelectronics Technology Suite

Supporting POU Systems for critical tools and development of next generation technologies

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Evoqua Water Technologies is committed to the semiconductor industry and has made significant investments to support the current and future developmental needs of the industry. The 1,700+ square foot Microelectronics Technology Suite was constructed for the purpose of demonstrating our Vanox® POU system -  for point of use applications  for geometries of < 28 nm and development of new technologies for meeting the next generation geometries of < 10 nm. In addition, the suite enhances the existing quality assurance program and development of ion exchange resins for the semiconductor industry utilizing the ultrapure water produced by the POU system.

 Understanding the issues

Electronics manufacturing facilities require large volumes of water – as much as 450 cubic meters per hour or 2.8 million gallons per day – to manufacture its products. Continued expansion and development of more advanced technologies has created an even greater burden on limited water resources and local water infrastructure. Environmental regulations impact the cost of water usage, treatment and discharge, while manufacturers work to reduce costs to stay competitive.

 Vanox® POU Systems and Total Organic Carbon

​The Vanox® system for point-of-use ultrapure water treatment implements Total Organic Carbon (TOC) reduction technology that has surpassed all current technologies in performance. ​​The system initially developed for high purity applications is also very effective at contaminant removal for wastewater and water recycle applications. Effective elimination of Dioxane using the proven Vanox system is now possible and we are involved in partnering with customers demonstrating our ability to help them solve this complex and costly problem. Read more about Vanox POU and view performance examples.

 Vanox® AOP and POU Systems, Successfully Removing Urea Since 2007

Urea is a naturally occurring organic molecule that is often not detected by TOC analyzers (and thus not included in the UPW TOC measurement) but still contributes to the TOC content of the UPW.  Urea is also very difficult to remove through conventional technologies.  Evoqua’s Vanox AOP and POU systems adapt to changing feed water TOC conditions to provide consistently low product TOC concentrations.

The first graph represents a challenge test we conducted in our Microelectronics Technology Suite.  Over the course of 5+ hours, urea was injected at increasing levels into the feed water of our Vanox POU system and the product TOC continuously monitored by a Sievers 500 RLe analyzer. The product of the POU system was consistently less than the “action limit” of 0.5 ppb.

The second graph represents an actual “event” encountered in a semiconductor facility where spikes in the feed water TOC (caused by urea) were consistently sequestered below the “action limit” of 1.0 ppb.  Of particular note, the product TOC only rose fractions of a ppb above the normal operating baseline of 0.5 ppb.  The product TOC measurements were also reported using a Sievers 500 RLe analyzer.

Urea Challenge October 2016 

Urea Challenge April 2007 

 Meeting your goals

Evoqua Water Technologies understands that in today’s evolving high-tech markets, electronics manufacturers must innovate and produce at such great speed and volume to simply survive the technology cycle. As you struggle to increase capacity, reduce costs and meet the demand for more complex products, we are here to help you meet those needs with innovative technologies, products and services.