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Evoqua's Perrin and MC Press Filter Presses for Metals and Mining

Evoqua's filter presses have a 30-year legacy in the mining industry in both production and wastewater streams, including the Merrill Crowe process. Perrin, IPM MC Press, J-Press by JWI - parts and service.
Evoqua is the Original Equipment Manufacturer of Perrin filter press dewatering equipment and IPM MC Press filter presses for the mining industry. Evoqua services the worldwide installations of both Perrin and MC Press filter presses.

Evoqua supplies spare and replacement parts for Perrin and MC Press filter presses and provides service and maintenance globally. We have all original specifications and drawings for Perrin and MC Press filter presses - which means we can supply parts and service for filter cloths, filter plates, hydraulics, plate shifers and other dewatering equipment parts you may need.

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MC Press® Filter PRess For The Mining Industry

Our unique design features along with a simplified operation the MC Press Filter Press achieves the driest filter cakes.

The MC Press Filter Press from Evoqua is one of the most versatile dewatering devices for use in high solids filtration applications which is designed and manufactured under the strictest ISO 9011:2008 quality management system. With unique design features and a simplified operation, it can achieve the driest filter cakes with or without diaphragm squeeze. The MC Press® filter press provides high cake discharge consistency, low cake moisture content and superior reliability coupled with greatly reduced maintenance requirements.

MCPress-H-Model500px.jpg  MC Press® Filter Press, H Model, in the closed position





​J-Press® Filter Press for the merrill crowe process in gold mining

Known the world over for unsurpassed performance under the most demanding conditions, the J-Press filter press continues to be the natural choice for remote operations, where rock-solid dependability is paramount.

Evoqua has the most experience building presses specifically designed for the precise requirements of the Merrill Crowe process. Our filter presses for Merrill Crowe feature application-specific designs for filter plates, operating pressure and manifold piping.

Merrill-Crowe-Piping-Manifold.jpg Piping, designed specifically for the Merrill Crowe process involves oversized manifolds and stainless steel to stop corrosion.

* ISO is a trademark of the International Organization for Standardization