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HPI - Hydrocarbon Processing

Offering more than 80 years of experience in refinery water treatment

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     Robb Angelos
     Market Manager
     Phone: +1 855-411-0718 

Each day, nearly two billion gallons of water are used in petroleum refining in North America.  A refinery uses water across all of its production units: for heat transfer, as a raw material in generating hydrogen, and in utility water used to wash crude oil and the equipment that processes it.  

Evoqua Water Technologies provides equipment and support for utility water, boiler feedwater, and the treatment of steam condensate.  We can also treat refinery wastewaters and provide specific contaminant removal for heavy metals, including selenium, chrome, and mercury.  In addition Evoqua can provide treatment solutions to meet your fugitive emissions challenges.

With more than 80 years of experience in refinery water treatment through our legacy companies such as USFilter, Evoqua provides services, equipment and spare parts to eight of the ten largest refining companies in North America.

We enable your operations teams to:

  • Maintain high operational reliability and avoid the cost of an unscheduled shutdown. 
  • Ensure regulatory compliance associated with your wastewater discharge permits.
  • Identify ways to reduce water consumption through increased equipment efficiency and reuse.

With the largest service network in North America, the broadest range of equipment technologies, and the greatest range of lifecycle and mobile equipment services, Evoqua is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals.