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​Learn how you can decrease your operating costs while improving your bottom line.

Duration: 30 minutes
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​Kareem Bibi
Phone: 844-632-5020

Maximizing Water Tower ROI: Optimize Cooling, Decrease Operating Costs


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Topic Introduction

Water from cooling towers attracts and absorbs airborne contaminants on a continuous basis. Typically, 85% of suspended solids in cooling water and hot water loops are smaller than 5 microns. Scientific studies have shown that these fine particles (5 microns and less) are the adherent contaminants fouling cooling tower water, chilled water and heat exchangers, thereby reducing your cooling system efficiency.

Cooling tower operators are routinely reviewing their system's water quality and treatment levels to prevent early and rapid corrosion, scale and biological growth. Listen to our HVAC and process-cooling expert as he explores how you can reduce your total operating/maintenance costs while achieving your water reuse and sustainability objectives. Protect your facility, your investments and your bottom line!

Key Learning Objectives

  • ​Understanding the negative impact high levels of suspended solids can have on your chillers and water loop system. Along with reviewing the most common side effects of not removing fine particles under five micron in size.

  • Review 5 key trends driving the use of high efficiency filtration systems in the facilities management industry.

  • With so many technologies to choose from how do you choose the right solution; this webinar will help clarify six different filter technologies and their role in filtering fine particulate.

  • Review quick wins that will allow you to reduce your total operating & maintenance costs, while using less chemicals and consuming less water. Ultimately, maximizing your ROI and improving your organizations bottom line. Maximizing Water Tower ROI: Optimize Cooling, Decrease Operating Costs