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VortiJet™ Injectors

The Vortisand® Classic (vertical design) and Vortisand H2F® (horizontal design) models are now equipped with exclusive, highly efficient patent pending VortiJet™ injectors that allow for an energetic sweeping action while preventing media bed disturbance which occurs with other cross-flow filtration designs.

Better Filtration Capacities
With the former single injector system, only a single area of cross-flow filtration is created, and inevitably only a portion of the filter is thoroughly active in the filtration process. On high solid loading situations, this may cause a hydraulic imbalance which could result in the formation of preferential channels in the media, or “channeling”. The VortiJet™ injectors, by optimizing the Vortisand® sweeping action, greatly minimize the risk of this phenomenon without compromise. Furthermore, the unique and patent pending VortiJet™ injector will typically increase the filtration run by 5 to 10%.

Better Backwash

The VortiJet™ injector increases the efficiency of the backwash process as it can capture the dirty backwash water at a 360 degree angle. Being located at the top section of the vessel, this allows for a plug flow design which increases the efficiency at which the dirty backwash water is evacuated from the Vortisand® system. This results in water savings between 20 and 50% compared to the traditional injector design.

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