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Vortisand® Service & Support

 Maintenance Program For Your Vortisand® Filtration System

​We recommend the following maintenance schedule

Once a day a technician should take the reading on the backwash counter and filter inlet/outlet pressure, keeping track of the reading in a log book. Once a week a manual backwash should be initiated to ensure the system is performing at optimal efficiencies. During the backwash cycle, the opening and closing of the valves should be verified. Please refer to your operating and maintenance manual for the complete procedure.

Every three months

  • The bearing inside the pump's motor should be greased (depending on the pump model).

Every six months

  • Verify the media level by opening the victaulic coupling at the back of the filter.

Once a year

  • The diaphragm kit for the valves should be changed.

  • Inspect entire system operation.

  • Inspect system for leaks.

  • Inspect grommets inside backwash flow controller and replace if needed.

Every two years

  • The parts inside the valves should be changed.

  • The mechanical seal of the pump should be changed.

Every five years

  • Replace polypropylene tubing (if applicable).

  • Replacement of microsand media (if required).

Normal Wear & Maintenance

Filtering media (microsand), if properly used, will not require replacement before 5-7 years of operation. Normal wear of components, such as valve seals, is to be expected. If well maintained a Vortisand filter can remain in service for up to 30 years.

*Normal wear and maintenance may vary when taking into consideration inlet water quality and application.

 Customer Service

Service Contracts

Our service contract programs sustain system performance and uptime. Evoqua Water Technologies commercial and industrial maintenance and operating service programs are designed to keep your system operating efficiently, while also managing your budget and manpower.

Preventative Maintenance and Operating Services help customers get the most value from their water treatment equipment investment. Our trained and certified field service technicians are ready to serve you from more than 85 local service branches in North America. Our localized service allows us to schedule service and repairs when and where you need them.​

Build-Own-Operate Service Contracts

Build-own-operate service contracts allow customers to focus on their core business while Evoqua Water Technologies takes responsibility for the design and operation of the water or wastewater treatment system.

​​​​Because of the vast array of technologies and treatment solutions available, more and more companies are choosing Evoqua to design, operate and maintain their water and wastewater treatment systems.  We can evaluate and provide the right technological and economical solution for your operation from an "entire system" viewpoint.

Our build-own-operate service options allow customers to focus on their core business while still maintaining strategic control of their operation.​

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Looking to improve your water treatment efficiencies and reduce your water treatment costs? Contact our team of water experts to learn how the Vortisand system can help meet your water objectives!