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Process Water Filtration

Experience submicron performance, reducing chemical consumption and lowering your operating costs!

Reduce or Eliminate Downtime Due to Poor Water Quality

The Vortisand filtration system provides the complete solution to protecting your water system and reducing downtime losses. Our high efficiency cross-flow technology keeps the process water loop clean, protecting your downstream investment/equipment. Vortisand has been successfully implemented in various water filtration applications in diverse markets such as: mining, pulp and paper, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and many others.

Looking to give water a second chance? A water reuse treatment system can help reuse water to be used within your production and many other applications.




​Application Brief

Numerous industries depend on filtered fresh water and demand a robust, reliable and cost effective filtration system for their water reuse application.

The Vortisand® cross-flow & microsand technology  ensures a greater filtration than traditional media filters and may be used for a wide range of industrial water polishing processes. Indeed, with its capacity to filter submicron particles, the Vortisand system will allow you to eliminate the need for coagulants or polymers to achieve clean water.





Welder Particles Count Example

Automatic welder water loops are typically contaminated with particles smaller than 5 microns. The particle count and distribution successfully demonstrate the Vortisand efficiency to remove such particles and keep the production line running smoothly with the greatest ROI.

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