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Membrane Pretreatment

Protect your membrane from harmful suspended solids; decreasing biofouling, maintenance costs, chemical usage, membrane degradation and more...



Protect Your Membrane with Submicron PERFORMANCE

Vortisand pretreatment filters help shield your membrane system and provide:

  • Longer membrane life; reducing downtime and cleaning/maintenance costs

  • Improved membrane performance

  • Increased influent water quality

  • Decreased corrosion, fouling, biofouling & scaling

Ultimately reducing your membrane operating costs!


​Application Brief

The Vortisand filtration system is a high capacity media filter that combines cross-flow dynamics with microsand media to achieve submicron filtration performance; 10 to 50 times finer than traditional media filters. Such high efficiency filtration systems provide various benefits in membrane pretreatment applications. Membranes require a pretreatment filter to protect the systems efficiency and integrity. The Vortisand system will achieve this goal, along with decreasing levels of SDI, allowing the designer to optimize the solution and increase the membrane life cycle.

Vortisand systems provide submicron filtration performance, offering you the finest sand filter available on the market. The Vortisand filtration capability is clearly  what makes our technology the best available polishing solution to pretreatment for reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and other types of membranes.


Avoid Fouling Your Membrane


Both fouling and biofouling, can affect various wetted surfaces that are key to the success of your water treatment system. Biofouling occurs with the creation of biofilm, where bacteria / microorganisms deposit themselves to a wet surface and multiply over time. Large organisms then feed off of the biofilm, called biofouling.

Fouling must be avoided to ensure there isn't a decline in membrane flux, water quality and membrane life. Biofouling and fouling can be controlled with the high efficiency filtration capabilities of the Vortisand technology.

 What Is In Your Influent Membrane Water System

​In order to protect sensitive membrane and reverse osmosis equipment, feed water is first filtered through a pretreatment system. This pretreatment filtration system is designed to filter small suspended particles, insoluble salts and scale, reducing the potential for membrane fouling. A pretreatment system is crucial to maintaining the efficiencies of your membrane and reverse osmosis equipment. Quality membrane feed water will help you achieve more with your membrane water treatment system, while reducing your maintenance and operating costs!


Hard water contains dissolved compounds of calcium, magnesium and other elements. Over time these elements deposit on the membrane and form a hardened layer referred to as scale. The layer of scale grows in thickness, reducing membrane efficiencies and membrane life. Membrane degradation can become a big concern and contribute to excessive maintenance and operational costs.


Fouling is a general term referring to the deposit and accumulation of scale, algae, suspended solids and insoluble salts on a surface. Such suspended particles, approximately 5 microns in size, are more likely to clog your membrane system, leading to fouling. Like scale, fouling will also cause rapid declines in efficiency levels and membrane life-cycle.

Due to its capabilities in eliminating various pathogenic microorganisms, chlorine has become an essential component in municipal, industrial and wastewater treatment plants. However when it comes to RO systems, membranes can be easily damaged by chlorine in the feed water. Chlorine damage can lead to rapid membrane degradation and reduced efficiencies, resulting in costly membrane replacement and increased down-time costs.

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