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HVAC Water Filtration

Shield your cooling tower & HVAC system from corrosion, fouling and scaling, while reducing operating & chemical costs!

Reduce Biofouling and Save Significantly On Energy


The Vortisand® filtration system removes suspended particles down to submicron levels and provides a cost effective solution to protecting your water treatment systems from fouling caused by particles smaller than 5 microns. The Vortisand system protects cooling water loops, cooling towers and heat exchangers by keeping your water crystal clean, allowing your system to be at its best efficiency all year round. The Vortisand system typically requires 3-5% of the cooling tower flow or a turnover rate of 7-12, depending on the cooling tower location. Other technologies will require typically 10-30% of the cooling tower flow.



​Application Brief

Water from cooling towers attracts and absorbs airborne contaminants on a continuous basis. Typically, 85% of suspended solids in cooling water and hot water loops are smaller than 5 microns.

Scientific studies have shown that these small particles (5 microns and less) are the adherent contaminants fouling cooling tower water, chilled water and heat exchangers, thereby reducing your cooling system efficiency.


Maintenance & Operational Savings

  • Reduce & Enhance Chemical Use - Significantly improve the effectiveness of chemical treatment by reducing the total suspended solids (TSS). Over time requiring less chemical usage.

  • Reduce Water Consumption - Requires up to 50% less water during backwash when compared to traditional multi-media (MM) filtration systems. Cleaner water will also result in less routine backwash cycles.

  • Reduce Labor Costs - Intuitive PLC system requires little human intervention!

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs - Less routine maintenance and cleaning of your cooling tower, water loops and heat exchangers, resulting in less downtime.

 What Is In Your Cooling Tower and HVAC System?

​Having an efficiently operating and clean cooling tower can lead to multiple benefits. Such benefits include a cleaner HVAC system, reduced maintenance costs and higher operating efficiencies. Industrial applications can also benefit; having a clean source of cooling tower water to pull from will help meet improved levels of production and quality. On the other hand, not having the right water treatment system for your cooling tower needs can not only cause increased maintenance costs and inefficiencies in your effort to cooling your office space, but can also be a danger to your employees (such as legionella bacteria).

​Legionella Bacteria

Legionella (the cause of legionnaires disease) is a type of bacteria found in fresh water environments. Once legionella finds its way into an enclosed environment, such as a building's cooling tower system, it can quickly multiply and spread throughout the building's water system. Looking to prevent the growth of legionella in your facility? Learn more about legionella and standard 188-2015 right here.


Hard water contains dissolved compounds of calcium, magnesium and other elements. Over time these elements deposit on various surfaces and form a hardened layer referred to as scale. The layer of scale grows in thickness and reduces the effective transmittance of heat from the heat exchangers, ultimately reducing your HVAC systems efficiency. The concern for surface scaling is not limited to cooling tower & HVAC environments, scale can also become a concern in RO and other industrial applications, requiring a pretreatment filtration system.



Fouling is a general term referring to the deposit and accumulation of scale, algae, suspended solids and insoluble salts on a surface (commonly found on heat exchangers and process equipment). Like scale, fouling will also cause rapid declines in heat exchanger efficiency levels, reducing your HVAC systems performance. The concern of fouling is not limited to cooling tower & HVAC environments, fouling can also become a concern in RO and other industrial applications, requiring a pretreatment filtration system.



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