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​Kareem Bibi

High Efficiency Media Filtration Articles


Interested in learning more about the Vortisand high efficiency media filter? Click on the category that best suits your needs and learn about various topics, such as; cooling tower water filtration, HVAC water filtration, pretreatment for membranes, desalination, high efficiency filtration, cross flow technology, side stream filtration and more!

​Cooling Tower Water Filtration (HVAC)


Shield your cooling tower & HVAC system from corrosion, fouling and scaling, while reducing operating & chemical costs! Cooling tower water loops can be carriers of various types of bacteria (legionella), along with debris and biological activity that can adversely affect the equipment downstream (HVAC system, heat exchangers, cooling tower, chillers and more). Here you will find articles on the following topics; cooling tower & HVAC water filtration, chilled water loop filtration, cooling tower and chiller maintenance, side stream filtration, process cooling, Legionella and more.

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​Pretreatment for Membranes


Improve filtration efficiencies while increasing your membrane's life-cycle! Vortisand delivers submicron filtration performance, offering a high efficiency cross-flow filtration system, removing the particles that adversely affect your membrane. Here you will find articles on the following topics; desalination whitepaper study on pretreatment, the importance of pretreatment, reverse osmosis, the importance of measuring levels of SDI and more.

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