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High Efficiency Media Filtration Articles



Sand filtration as a water treatment strategy has been around for thousands of years, dating as far back as 2000 BC to ancient Greek and Sanskrit writings. As Alain Silverwood, technical director of Vortisand® systems at Evoqua Water Technologies, explains, recent innovations in this time-tested method are poised to make a dramatic impact on one of the fastest growing water industry segments: desalination.



The primary objective of pretreatment to any RO membrane system is to make the feed water compatible with the membrane system. Inadequate membrane pretreatment results in higher chemical cleaning costs, increased downtime, and permanent loss of performance with reduced membrane life. Let's better understand SDI values and their relationship to membrane fouling. 


Vortisand® Selected for Seawater Pretreatment Desalination study

The study consisted of three phases that started in the autumn of 2016 at a site located in Egypt by the Red Sea. The primary objective of pretreatment to any membrane system is to ensure the feed water is compatible with the membrane. Inadequate membrane pretreatment results in high chemical cleaning costs, increased downtime, permanent loss of performance and reduced membrane life. This is particularly true in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plants where water quality parameters fluctuate. Learn how the Vortisand® Cross-Flow Microsand Filtration system made it a much more effective solution at reducing suspended solids and SDI than conventional Multi-Media Filters.

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5 cooling industry trends driving the need for cleaner water

The cooling market is growing, and industry managers are under pressure to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Clean water is an integral part of the process. Improved technologies continue to evolve to ensure optimum system performance. Evoqua is a global leader in water treatment. The team are experts in water filtration. Water Online interviewed  Keith Karl, Vortisand® Cooling & Process  Water Filtration Expert at Evoqua, to learn about trends in the cooling industry and the need for high quality filtered water.

Don't Miss Out on the latest cooling filtration trends

Choosing The Right Side Stream Filtration System For Your Cooling Tower

Separators, traditional media filters, automatic screen filters, micro filters (cartridge & bag) and high efficiency media filtration systems all offer an effective way of removing particles from the circulating water. Each of these filtration technologies offer differing benefits and associated costs. Understanding your application and the available technologies is necessary in choosing the right side stream filter for your cooling tower needs.

Learn How To Choose The Right Side Stream Filtration System

Water Treatment Audits Save on Operating and Maintenance Costs

The continued high cost of fresh water and environmental concerns are causing industrial plants to further expand and explore their wastewater reuse options. Many facilities are finding it can be more economical to reuse wastewater from specific process areas or from sources outside the petroleum refining or petrochemical facility than it is to reuse wastewater from centralized wastewater treatment plants. Performing water audits can help facilities develop appropriate programs to meet their water-intake-reduction and water reuse goals.

Learn How A Well-Performed Water Audit Identifies Water Treatment Opportunities for Improvement

High Efficiency Media Filtration - No Longer an Option in Cooling & HVAC Applications

High efficiency removal of fine particles and suspended solids can reduce maintenance and operating costs while improving the bottom line. A water filtration system should not be a hindrance, but instead help provide the potential to meet growing production goals, water reuse objectives and efficiencies.

Learn why a high efficiency filtration system is becoming the standard across cooling and HVAC applications

High Efficiency Filtration Coupled With UV Disinfection - Crucial For Today's Cooling Tower Needs

Modern high efficiency media filtration and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems are capable of filtering the full flow of modern cooling loops, and disinfecting the entire water system many times each hour. Server farms are just one of many applications in which high efficiency filtration is critical to attaining optimal ROIs. Having an efficiently operating and clean cooling tower can lead to multiple benefits. Such benefits include a cleaner HVAC system, reduced maintenance costs and higher operating efficiencies. Industrial applications can also benefit; having a clean source of cooling tower water to pull from will help meet improved levels of production and quality.

Learn how high efficiency filtration coupled with UV disinfection Can Yield Optimal cooling tower Performance

Legionella - A Brief Overview

Legionella (the cause of legionnaires disease) is a type of bacteria found in fresh water environments. Once legionella finds its way into an enclosed environment, such as a building's cooling tower system, it can quickly multiply and spread throughout the building's water system. Contaminated water droplets that are dispersed into the air and inhaled can lead to the development of legionnaires disease.

Learn about legionella bacteria and latest standards

Side Stream Filtration Reduces Cooling Costs

One thing is clear! The right side stream filtration system can help keep your cooling system operating efficiently year round. Assessing your need for a side stream filtration system may require significant resources upfront, although these resources can potentially provide a large ROI for years to come. Protect your facility, your investments and your bottom line!

Learn how a side stream filtration system can reduce your cooling tower maintenance and operating costs High Efficiency Media Filtration Articles