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Vortisand - High Efficiency Filtration Case Studies

Click on the case studies below to learn how the Vortisand® high efficiency media filtration system has helped water treatment professionals meet their goals and objectives.

Montreal Ecomuseum Zoo

The $1.4 million 6,000 square foot river otter habitat, first of its kind in Canada, is made up of vast land area, river banks and a 250,000 litre (66,000 gallons) water basin; includes two port holes, an underwater tunnel and a 15 meter (50 foot) viewing window. In order to improve water clarity (levels of turbidity) and reduce maintenance costs a high efficiency submicron performance filtration system was required.

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Medical Center In The State Of California

Significant maintenance & operating savings were achieved by replacing the centrifugal separators, at a medical center, with Vortisand Cross-flow Media Filtration Systems. The $500 million 434,000 square-foot, 6-story hospital building houses 262 beds and the adjacent medical office building is housed in a 172,000 square-foot, 6-story structure. After just 60 days of replacing the centrifugal separators, a 90% removal of particles less than 5 microns was achieved.

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A Large American Leader In The Food & Pharma Industry

A large American leader in the Food & Pharma industry used Vortisand Cross-flow Microsand Technology as pre-treatment for reverse osmosis membranes with impressive reductions in SDI. Designers had evaluated several other technologies, including ultrafiltration and cartridge filters, but only the Vortisand system offered the combination of value, performance and small footprint that the designers were seeking.

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American Brewery

An American Brewery uses Vortisand Cross-flow Microsand Technology to reduce TSS load of reclaimed water and condensate for process reuse. TSS levels were reduced by 98%, while meeting the customer’s footprint requirement, allowing for minimal construction costs.

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Airport's Central Utility Plant

Vortisand Cross-flow Microsand Technology reduces airport's central utility plant operating costs seven-fold and saves over $300,000 in its first year of operation. The project included the construction of a new cooling tower with a 20,000 ton cooling capacity. Systems and their components were designed and constructed to achieve LEED® Silver certification.

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District Energy Center In Louisiana

The facility provides more than 33,000 tons of chilled water and air conditioning to more than 12 million square feet of commercial property that encompasses 15 square city blocks. The Vortisand® submicron filtration system coupled with a comprehensive chemical treatment program was key to reducing TSS levels.

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