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High Efficiency Water Filtration Applications

High efficiency water filtration systems with Vortisand cross-flow and microsand technology can be utilized in various applications.
Cooling Tower Water Filtration (HVAC)

Shield your cooling tower & HVAC system from corrosion, fouling and scaling, while reducing operating & chemical costs! Cooling tower water loops can be carriers of various types of bacteria (legionella), along with debris and biological activity that can adversely affect the equipment downstream (HVAC system, heat exchangers, lab equipment and more).

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Process Water Filtration

Protect your water treatment process with a high efficiency media filtration system! Numerous industries depend on filtered water, demanding a robust, reliable and cost effective filtration system for their process water application.

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Desalination - Pretreatment for Seawater and Reverse Osmosis Membranes

The primary objective of pretreatment to any RO membrane system is to make the feed water compatible with the membrane. Inadequate membrane pretreatment results in high chemical cleaning costs, increased downtime, and permanent loss of performance with reduced membrane life.

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Pretreatment for Membranes

Improve filtration efficiencies while increasing your membrane's life-cycle! Vortisand delivers submicron filtration performance, offering a high efficiency cross-flow filtration system, removing the particles that adversely affect your membrane.

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Data Center Cooling

Water filtration systems play an important role in keeping data centers across the globe cool. Thousands of gallons of water can flow through an average data center cooling system each day. Bringing with it debris, scale, and biological activity. These unwanted particulates under 5 micron in size can build up over time, causing drastic amounts of waste (in both energy and time cleaning or repairing the system).

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Staying Green With Water Reuse

Whether through rain harvesting or energy savings, earning LEED credits for your building can be attainable with Vortisand filtration systems!

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Submicron filtration performance yields lower chlorine consumption, resulting in a decrease in chemical costs! Traditional pool systems filter at approximately 30 microns, the Vortisand filtration system delivers submicron filtration performance to help keep your recreational facility clean and protected from unwanted particles.

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