Electrochemical Desalination Technology

Evoqua Water Technologies has reimagined electrodialysis (ED). We're proud to introduce NEXED® electrochemical desalination equipment to meet the increasing demands of brackish and seawater salt removal.

 History of Water Desalination

The History of Water Desalination Technology

Water desalination (or desalting) is the process in which dissolved salts are removed from seawater and, in many instances, brackish waters of mineralized ground waters, inland seas, and municipal wastewaters. To put it simply, the process renders what would otherwise be useless waters fit for industrial applications, irrigation, and human consumption.

The thought of creating pure water from saltwater has tantalized humans for hundreds, if not, thousands of years. In fact, it dates back to Greek sailors of the fourth century BCE and possibly even earlier. Because of advances in technology, water desalination technology and equipment has evolved since its first introduction. It’s now available using two distinct methods: thermal processes or membrane processes. Unfortunately, many existing desalination technologies require excessive amounts of energy to operate, making the process costly. Though expensive, water desalination is necessary, as it affords people access to fresh water that would otherwise be unavailable.

Reverse osmosis desalination: Is it worth it? 

Water desalination is growing in popularity. There are several desalination processes uses; however, the most popular include membrane and thermal desalination. Among membrane desalination methods, reverse osmosis is the most popular. The current standard technology uses high-pressure pumps to force water through semi-permeable membranes to eliminate salt and impurities. Unfortunately, those aren't the only things it removes from water. This process also removes essential minerals from water. In addition, it uses a high amount of energy to operate, impacting your operational costs exponentially. Finally, it isn't environmentally friendly.

It's true that RO has a multitude of uses in the world of water treatment, but it's not the most efficient desalination process. The NEXED module has reinvented desalination and once cost-prohibative electrodialysis (ED).

​News on our electrochemical desalination technology

Evoqua has provided the NEXED module for a new, large-scale demonstration in El Paso, Texas, to highlight the benefits of our desalination technology over more conventional reverse osmosis desalination methods.  Learn more about the demonstration here.

On June 13, 2016, we presented our breakthrough desalination module at Singapore International Water Week.  Evoqua is also in the midst of constructing a feed plant at the PUB R&D facility that will treat one million gallons of water per day using our innovative NEXED module. Learn more about this project. The NEXED module is an innovation that's taking the desalination market by storm. In addition to presenting it at Singapore International Water Week, the module has also been featured in a magazine for its EDR capabilities.


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