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Desalination of Brackish Water

Evoqua Water Technologies' R&D team has worked tirelessly to make the brackish groundwater desalination process simpler and more affordable.

 New, More Affordable Method for Desalination

​​Cost-Efficient Brackish desalination technology

Most commonly associated with seawater, desalination is a process by which one removes salt from water. While the salt levels of brackish water are far less than that of seawater, they're still too high to use in a variety of applications.

As a leader in the water treatment industry, Evoqua has gone above and beyond to develop a module to treat brackish water. The NEXED® module for electrochemical desalination uses membrane-based desalination technology to remove salt from brackish water more efficiently and effectively. The module is designed to cost, meaning it reduces the overall cost of desalination of brackish water (500 ppm - 15,000 ppm NaCl) in a variety of real-world applications.  

​Brackish Groundwater desalination: Treating Brackish Feed Water

In a recent trial, well water contaiminated by road salt storage was desalinated to better than municipal water quality via the NEXED module. Input well water salinty was measured at 1890 uS/cm with 667 ppm hardness. Our module reduced the salinty by 85% to 224 uS/cm, which is well below the municipal feed of 350 uS/cm. Overall, the module achieved 70% recovery with power consumption of just 374 W.

NEXED: Innovation in Brackish Desalination

​Variable Brackish Water Salinity

There are many areas in which the salinity levels of feed water vary over time, such as a well with salt water intrusion or a facility that makes up process water from multiple sources, including reuse. Until recently, reverse osmosis (RO) was the only desalination method used to treat feed water with variable salinity. Unfortunately, RO cannot put out water of the same quality when the brackish water salinity levels change. The NEXED module is designed with an adjustable desalination capability, which ensures that it delivers water of the same quality regardless of the salinity level. And, it does it while using optimum energy.

Brackish Desalination: USed for Water Softening

Because of its unique design and capabilities, the state-of-the-art NEXED module is being considered as a treatment for ion exchange regenerant brine produced by water softening systems. This technology recovers water and concentrate waste, and can thereby reduce your process and disposal costs.

High Brackish Water Salinity

In applications with high levels of salinity, the module is being considered as a pre-treatment for RO. By producing a feed with reduced total dissolved solids (TDS), the NEXED module can extend the life of RO systems. Additionally, because of the low-energy membranes, higher salinity applications can be treated with low pressure (<24PSI). The operating pressure expands the applicability of this electrochemical process.

Future ​Uses for Our Brackish Desalination Module

Evoqua is committed to doing more than transforming water; we make it our goal to develop and provide the most advanced technologies to enrich lives. We've built a pipeline of innovative brackish groundwater desalination technologies that will continue to advance the capabilities of electrochemical water treatment. Our module features a cost-driven design with a new membrane, new module design, and new process design. Together, these features broaden the applicability of our electrochemical desalting techniques.

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