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Eliminate sewer odor and corrosion

Odor is an indicator of hydrogen sulfide in your wastewater system and also damaging corrosion

The Chemistry of Corrosion

Under acidic or turbulent conditions, hydrogen sulfide is released from wastewater in the form of gas. Thiobacillus bacteria in the system oxidize the gas to form sulfuric acid, which corrodes sewer pipes and weaken concrete structures, shortening the life of your wastewater treatment system.
Over time this can lead to dangerous leaks, sewer and street collapses. According to a study by the U.S. EPA, this damage costs the nation billions of dollars in repairs and emergency services.
The good news is that, by updating your hydrogen sulfide treatment regimen, you can address both problems at once, eliminating odors and preventing corrosion. 
Read our article on Conquering Corrosion in Concrete Pipes as published in Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine .

 Odor and Corrosion Control Solutions

Evoqua has a comprehensive range of products, systems and expertise to protect the infrastructure of your wastewater treatment system. We can tailor any program to meet your application needs in preventing odors and maximizing the life of your collection system.
  • Alkagen® Solution
    • Rapidly dissolving/controllable pH shift technology that provides sulfide control, an alkaline supplement,  and reduces the impact of FOG
  • Bioxide® Solution
    • Safe, natural calclium nitrate solution that effectively eliminates dissolved hydrogen sulfide and prevents downstream formation
  • Odophos® Iron Salt Solution
    • Controls dissolved hydrogen sulfide to <0.5 mg/L levels and prevents the formation of hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Controls odor causing sulfides and adds dissolved oxygen to the system, which reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Link2Site® Remote Monitoring
    • Reduces costs and improves odor and corrosion treatment with real-time monitoring and system control


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