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Odophos® Iron Salt Solution

Collection System Odor and Corrosion control

​ODOPHOS​® Iron Salt Solution is a ferrous sulfate solution that binds hydrogen sulfide, preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide gas. This effectively eliminates odors and prevents corrosion in collection systems. In addition, Odophos solution aids in phosphorous and solids removal in wastewater treatment facilities.

New variations of Odophos solution are now available to maximize sulfide removal capacity, provide oxidation, and reduce costs. Learn more about these latest technologies below.


 Odophos Plus Solution

​Odophos® Plus Solution is a blend of ferrous and ferric sulfate designed to provide hydrogen sulfide control through oxidation and precipitation of dissolved H2S. The "double duty" action of this blend maximizes hydrogen sulfide removal capacity per pound of iron, resulting in fewer gallons used per application.

 Odophos Plus CL Solution

​Odophos Plus CL Solution is a blend of both ferrous and ferric chloride developed for superior hydrogen sulfide removal in wastewater treatment applications. This solution also utilizes oxidation and precipitation of dissolved hydrogen sulfide for effective odor and corrosion control. Sulfide removal capacity is maximized and less iron is needed per application.


  • ​Lift stations / wetwells
  • Gravity mains
  • Force mains / pressure mains
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Solids processing
  • Ponds to lagoons

 Comprehensive odor control solutions

VersaDose® Automated Dosing Controllers and Link2Site® Remote Monitoring provide real-time visibility and control for consistent and effective odor and corrosion control. These technologies, coupled with industry’s most responsive service branches, allow Evoqua to offer customers unparalleled peace of mind. Odophos® Iron Salt Solution