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Municipal Services

Industry leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of products for chemical generation and odor control for over 30 years

Odor and Corrosion Control Solutions

Evoqua provides full service odor and corrosion control programs to prevent and remove hydrogen sulfide, H2S, and other odor causing compounds. Programs include turnkey equipment and monitoring for chemical feed systems, biofilters, and carbon adsorbers.  

Our innovative Link2Site® Web Monitoring and Control technology provides operators with real-time visibility and control for  more efficient use of chemicals, reduced labor requirements, and better odor and corrosion control. The Link2Site web platform interfaces with Evoqua’s VaporLink® Hydrogen Sulfide Monitor and VersaDose® Dosing Controller for comprehensive performance monitoring and dosing control.

Chlorine Dioxide Generation

Evoqua's chlorine dioxide programs include industry leading generation equipment, sodium chlorite (AktaKlor), and support from our highly trained nationwide service organization.

 Sewer Corrosion and Odor Control Solutions

District Sales Manager, Vaughan Harshman, explains what causes sewer corrosion and how municipalities can treat it. He also highlights Evoqua's comprehensive line of technologies for odor control, including the new Bioglas® media for long-lasting performance.
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