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​Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful disinfectant and oxidizing agent. It has been used for many years in water treatment systems for the elimination of chlorophenols, the oxidation of inorganic compounds such as iron and manganese, and in the control of taste, odor, and color. Chlorine Dioxide is recognized by the EPA as a primary disinfectant and is effective against viruses, bacteria, and protozoa, including the cysts of Giardia, the oocysts of Cryptosporidium, and Legionella.

Chlorine dioxide also prevents harmful environmental pollutants that can have adverse health effects. Unlike typical chlorine, it does not react with ammonia to form less-active chloramines. It will not form trihalomethanes (THMs) or other chlorinated organic compounds, nor will it react with the many impurities that normally consume chlorine.

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Read our recent AWWA Journal article on how chlorine dioxide is helping water treatment plants meet Stage 2 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule - Chlorine Dioxide Preoxidation for DBP Reduction.

Reprinted from Journal, Vol. 109, by permission. Copyright © July 2017 American Water Works Association. Permission to reproduce this document is granted for informational purposes only and does not represent or imply approval or endorsement by AWWA of any particular product or service.

 Chlorine Dioxide - Economical and Effective

​Chlorine dioxide has proved economical and effective when treating waters high in ammonia or organic nitrogen and in the destruction of phenol-based taste and odor causing compounds. Essentially, this is because chlorine dioxide is not affected by pH, thus it is a cost effective means of water treatment when the pH is high.

 Chlorine Dioxide Applications

  • ​Primary disinfectant for water treatment

  • Pre-treatment for oxidation and removal of iron and manganese

  • Post-treatment for destruction of phenol and chlorophenol compounds that produce odors and affect taste

  • Control of contaminant bacteria and organics in situations where significant ammonia is present

  • Control of slime, bacteria and viruses in applications where chlorine is unacceptable

 Chlorine Dioxide Application Papers

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