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BIOXIDE® Calcium Nitrate Solution

A safe, natural solution for the elimination of odor and corrosion

BIOXIDE® Calcium Nitrate Solution eliminates the odor, corrosion, and safety problems associated with hydrogen sulfide by achieving sewage odor control naturally, rather than chemically. This unique, proven product also treats other common sewage odors, including odorous sulfur compounds such as mercaptans and organic sulfides.  

BIOXIDE solution not only removes hydrogen sulfide, but also prevents its formation. For consistent, effective treatment, Evoqua offers the VersaDose® Automated Dosing Controller and Link2Site® Remote Monitoring Application. Scroll down to learn more.



  • Contains no hazardous substances - calcium nitrate is the only leading method of treatment for dissolved hydrogen sulfide which is not on the EPA CERCLA list of hazardous substances

  • Efficient Removal process  - reacts immediately with dissolved sulfides and prevents downstream formation of new sulfides

  • Treats other sulfur compounds - including mercaptans and organic sulfides

  • Prevents corrosion - by effectively eliminating dissolved hydrogen sulfide, which leads to the formation of sulfuric acid 


  • Wastewater collection systems
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Sludge processing
  • Biosolids storage 

 BIOXIDE Solutions

BIOXIDE® Solution
Controls hydrogen sulfide odors and corrosion naturally with calcium nitrate.  

BIOXIDE-AQ® Solution
This patented product combines BIOXIDE solution with the AQUIT® solution to form a powerful hydrogen sulfide removal and prevention system.

BIOXIDE® Plus 71 Solution
This patented product combines BIOXIDE solution with a proprietary blend component to minimize the accumulation of fats, oils, and grease.  

BIOXIDE AE Solutions
This patented system combines BIOXIDE solution with extra alkalinity for increased efficiency.

 Comprehensive Odor Control Solutions

​The VersaDose®​ Automated Dosing Controller​ and Link2Site® Remote Monitoring by Evoqua Water Technologies uniquely deliver operators the real-time visibility and control for consistent, effective odor and corrosion control. BIOXIDE® Calcium Nitrate Solution