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Alkagen® Solution

Non-hazardous, cost-effective magnesium hydroxide alternative for odor and corrosion control

Alkagen® Solution is a unique, custom engineered product that cost-effectively control odors and corrosion in wastewater systems. This rapidly dissolving/controllable pH shift technology provides sulfide control within seconds from the application point. Alkagen Solution also reduces the impact of FOG in collection systems and treatment systems while providing a beneficial alkaline supplement for the treatment plant.
Learn how a municipality in South Florida solved severe wet-well corrosion and odor complaints with Alkagen AQ Solution from Evoqua.  



  • Controls atmospheric and dissolved sulfide - uses alkalinity supplementation and sulfide prevention to reduce odors and corrosion.
  • Fast-acting - provides sulfide control within seconds from the application point, whereas magnesium hydroxide can take up to 2 hours to dissolve.
  • Minimizes FOG -  reduces the accumulations of fats, oils, and grease in collection and treatment systems and the dissolved sulfide load on treatment plants, resulting in operational and cost savings.
  • Environmentally safe - contains no hazardous substances as defined by CERCLA and OSHA.  The components are stable, safe compounds found in nature.


Three patented Alkagen formulations available from our regional terminals:

  • Alkagen - 45% Calcium hydroxide slurry solution
  • Alkagen AQ - 25% Calcium hydroxide slurry solution with  AQuit
  • Alkagen 25 - 25% Calcium hydroxide slurry solution with calcium nitrate


Looking for additional technical information?

Click here to access technical papers on the application of Alkagen Solution and a comparison to other alkaline technologies.


  • Force mains/pressure mains
  • Gravity interceptors
  • Lift stations
  • WWTP headworks
  • WWTP basins

 Video - How Alkagen Solution Works

 Dosing and Monitoring Technology

The VersaDose®​ Automated Dosing Controller from can be utilized for effective dosing of Alkagen Solution.  The VersaDose dosing controller delivers chemicals on a dose-to-demand curve for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

When combined with our Link2Site® Remote Monitoring technology, Evoqua can deliver real-time visibility and control for consistent, effective odor and corrosion control. 

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