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 alkagen® solution technical papers

 Alkagen Solution Application

​The primary cause for wastewater collection system odor and corrosion is hydrogen sulfide.  Sulfide is a naturally occuring compound in wastewater and is released as hydrogen sulfide gas, causing an unpleasant odor.  

However, the problem doesn't stop there. Hydrogen sulfide is also converted to sulfuric acid by naturally occuring bacteria in the wastewater system. This acid eats away the infrastructure at an accelerated rate, causing failures and expensive repairs.

Alkagen® Solution controls atmospheric and dissolved sulfide in wastewater systems with alkalinity supplementation and metabolic modification, preventing harmful odors and corrosion.  Learn more about this process in the technical papers below.


 Alkagen Solution vs. Alternatives

Evoqua's technical expertise and experience in odor and corrosion control is well known in the industry. We are often asked why we do not use sodium hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide to provide alkalinity supplementation for odor and corrosion control.

Read our technical papers to learn about the shortcomings of these hazardous substances and the advantages of Alkagen Solution.

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