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WHISPER® Odor Control Systems

Achieve 99% Hydrogen Sulfide Removal with Quiet Operation

​The WHISPER® odor control system provides reliable odor removal with a variable speed fan for quiet operation. Units are designed and manufactured in the USA and can be provided as a turnkey service solution to reduce capital investment.

The WHISPER Biofilter ensures long-lasting performance with Evoqua's nondegradable Bioglas® Media. The innovative rotating irrigation system provides uniform water and nutrient distribution for optimal biological conditions.  The WHISPER Biofilter removes 99% of incoming H2S and can treat airflows up to 1,100 cfm and H2S concentrations above 100 ppm.

The WHISPER Carbon System provides optimal odor removal via adsorption. It is designed to work with a wide range of media and is skid mounted for easy installation. The WHISPER carbon system removes 99 percent of incoming H2S, effectively reduces other common wastewater odor compounds, and can treat airflows up to 750 cfm.


 Bioglas® Media

​WHISPER Biofilters are packed with nondegradable Bioglas Media made from acid resistant recycled glass. The Bioglas Media is the subtrate for the biomass, providing a long-lasting surface for biomass growth. 


  • ​Lift Stations
  • Headworks
  • Vaults or enclosed areas in the collection system

 Carbon Media

Evoqua offers several high performance carbon media solutions:

 Worry Free Odor Control

​Evoqua has 6 regional service centers with experienced personnel to provide turnkey full service including on-site evaluation, installation, operation, equipment service, and performance reports. With Evoqua, you can rest assured that odor problems are under control. 

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