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Link2Site® Web Monitoring and Control Solution

Reduce costs and improve odor and corrosion treatment with real-time monitoring and control

Link2Site® Web Monitoring from Evoqua provides operators with remote access to hydrogen sulfide data for real-time monitoring and responsiveness to changing site conditions. The Link2Site web platform interfaces with Evoqua’s VaporLink® Hydrogen Sulfide Monitor and VersaDose® Dosing Controller for comprehensive performance monitoring and dosing control.

Operators can connect to the system from any location to program dosing rates, manage inventory, set system alarms, and view and download trending graphs and charts to analyze system performance . The result is a more efficient use of chemicals, reduced labor requirements, and better odor and corrosion control.

 Link2Site Site Details

Operators can view a snapshot of key system data on the site details page. This includes information on inventory, usage, and daily feed rate.

Link2Site site details page including inventory, usage, and daily feed rates.

 Link2Site Performance Monitoring

Link2Site web monitoring provides real-time monitoring of temperature and hydrogen sulfide levels in order to adjust dosing levels for consistent odor control across changing site conditions. 


Graph of H2S Level versus Temperature  over a 7 day period from Link2Site site

 Link2Site Monitoring Benefits

  • ​Real-time consistent monitoring of H2S levels and dosing

  • Alarm notifications to react quickly to system changes

  • ​Reduced costs through efficient use of chemicals

  • Reduced labor requirements through remote monitoring

  • Inventory management of dosing chemicals

  • Customized program based on your application

 Full Service Program

​Evoqua provides a full service odor control program. We perform a complete site investigation to determine the current H2S profile, dosing needs, and feed rate per time of day. Once the system is set up, our technicians monitor performance for optimal efficiency.

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to read how Henrico County, VA was able to meet compliance requirements and save over $400,000 a year with a full service odor control program from Evoqua.

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