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Intake Traveling Water Screens

Evoqua designs and manufactures traveling water screens, stationary water screens, screen housings, grab rakes and bar racks for large, raw water intake systems.

Intake traveling water screens are used in the power industry and other industries that utilize large volumes of raw water that must be cleaned - or screened - before entering the power plant or other type of facility.

Cleaning the water for this purpose means screening out any debris such as algae, sticks, leaves, litter and aquatic life such as fish. Evoqua designs intake traveling water screens to be fish-friendly. This means fish and other life forms are not impinged in the screen and are released back into their natural habitat.

Impingement - the occasion for a fish or other aquatic life to be trapped on the traveling water screen - is avoided by using Evoqua intake equipment. Evoqua has several aquatic-friendly screening products that save fish, even larvae-size.

Intake traveling water screens come in many types. Each type of traveling water screen provides a different screening process.

Evoqua's different types of intake traveling water screens

Evoqua's Thru-Flow Traveling Water Screen

The Thru-Flow screen incorporates a non-metallic basket frame with stainless steel mesh. Because the baskets are non-metallic, they won’t rust or corrode, making them environmentally friendly.

These are the most specified screen in the water intake industry and have been setting the standard for more than 100 years.

Download our Tablet-friendly .epub brochure on the Thru-Flow screen.

Download our .pdf datasheet on the Thru-Flow screen.

Visit our Thru-Flow Intake Traveling Water Screen page.

Evoqua's Dual Flow Traveling Water Screen

This design completely eliminates debris carryover, offers nearly twice the screening area of a Thru-Flow screen and is ideal for high water volumes and heavy debris removal. We have the capability and expertise to retrofit our Dual Flow design to fit your Thru-Flow intake channel with no civil work modifications. [MORE ON DUAL FLOW TWS HERE]

Visit our Dual Flow Intake Traveling Water Screen page

Evoqua's Modified Ristroph Fish Handling Traveling Water Screen

The industry’s only non-metallic, modified Ristroph fish basket featuring a high-strength, lightweight, maintenance-free and corrosion resistant design.

When it comes to safe fish-handling screens and existing screen modifications, we are the experts with experienced engineering, project management, and manufacturing capabilities.
Up to 50% lighter basket design reduces hanging weight, motor torque, wear and maintenance requirements
Corrosion resistant materials provide longer life and less maintenance cost compared to conventional steel baskets
"Fish friendly" Smooth-tex® flat wire screen mesh to prevent descaling

Visit our Modified Ristroph Fish Handing Traveling Water Screen page

Evoqua's Traveling Water Screen Fine Mesh Screen Insert

Evoqua Traveling Water Screens prevent entrainment of aquatic life, and the fine mesh screen insert builds on the idea of preserving fish and other life forms.

​Evoqua's new Fine Mesh Overlay panel is a seasonal insert that provides fish protection even in the larval stage.

We can create the panels to fit your existing Evoqua non-metallic fish baskets. We can also modify these baskets to accept the fine mesh inserts.

Visit our Traveling Water Screen Fine Mesh Screen Insert page

Watch our short traveling water screen video to see how our screens work with our housings.


Our traveling water screens are installed in over 10,000 locations globally. We have been designing and manufacturing traveling water screens, grab rakes (fish rakes), bar racks and other intake equipment for 143 years! We are the original equipment manufacturers of the brands: Rex, Link-Belt, USFilter, FMC. We also repair and refurbish any type of intake screening equipment.

Evoqua's traveling water screens and intake equipment are used in nuclear power and other electrical power generation facilities, pulp and paper facilities, agriculture and food and beverage industries.




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