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Stationary Water Screens

Not all raw water channels require traveling water screens. Often a stationary screen does the trick. Here is what Evoqua has to offer.
​Stationary screens typically have framework made from steel (painted or hot dip galvanized) or stainless steel (salt water applications) and stainless steel screen mesh.

Applications for stationary screens include applications where not a lot of debris would be expected and the equipment upstream would not be considered critical.

Applications include agriculture or steam condensation in new-gen power plants.

Stationary screens require manual cleaning since they do not travel and are typically not fitted with a spray cleaning system.

​This is an example of stationary water screens used in a next-gen power plant.

The contractor, Barton Malow purchased water inlet stationary screens and pump bay stop gates from Evoqua for the Holland BPW project: Holland Energy Park, in Holland, MI.

​Evoqua is providing five sets of stationary screens for three intake channels. The screens, constructed with galvanized carbon steel frames and stainless steel mesh, will be used in the circulating water channel and auxiliary water channel to prevent debris larger than 7/16” square from entering the channels.

​Stationary screens have to be cleaned manually, so they are used instead of traveling water screens when the application requires a lower water flow with lower debris loading.

Evoqua also provided three sets of stop gates with lifting beam to isolate the channels for maintenance purposes.




The stationary screens will be used in these channels along with the stop gates. UHMW will be inserted into the tracks for increased water tightness and easier stop gate functionality.








​The screens will keep debris from reaching the channel piping.

​More Information about Evoqua's Stop Gates for Stationary Water Screens:

  • They are generally used with a curtain wall or full height
  • They utilize rubber perimeter seals
  • The UHMW slides assist in maximum sealing
  • Equalizing valves are available
  • Comes with a lift beam (auto-engage/manual disengage)
  • Storage racks are available
​Information about Evoqua's Bar Racks:

  • Bar spacing up to 3.5"
  • For use with curtain wall or full height
  • Fixed (with anchor bolts) or removable (with embedded guides)
  • Typical bar size 3/8" x 2.5" deep
  • Cathodic protection available


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