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Fine Mesh Overlay Panel

Evoqua has once again pioneered fish protection so effective, the EPA based several of its 316(b) rulings on our design! Call 855-407-0936.

Email an Expert or Call +1-844-578-1556

​Evoqua's new Fine Mesh Overlay panel is a seasonal insert that provides fish protection even in the larval stage.

We can create the panels to fit your existing Evoqua non-metallic fish baskets. We can also modify these baskets to accept the fine mesh inserts. 
Call  us at 844-578-1556 for more information.

To see the fine mesh screen in action, and to see how Evoqua connects our equipment to your community and the environment, check out the short video below.


Our Fine Mesh Screen is unique in that it uses the patented Smooth-tex(R) mesh which prevents descaling. No other traveling water screen uses this technology nor is it as effective as our Smooth-tex mesh.