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Jim Couser
Technical Services Manager

Evoqua UCC Alliance

Evoqua Water Technologies has been innovating the intake industry for over 140 years. UCC is the industry's most respected and technically advanced commercial diving company. This alliance is the most effective solution for our customers.


Our dive team complies with nuclear power plant requirements: 10 CFR 50 Appendix-B and 10 CFR Part 21.

That means they can provide specialized services to "safety related" components at nuclear power plants.

The intake industry gets a power boost!


Introducing the Intake industry's newest and most powerful alliance! Customers benefit from 140 years of unparalleled innovation and quality, and the most technically advanced and highly trained field service.

This alliance between Evoqua and UCC provides the most experience with intake systems in the industry with the best-trained field services team in commercial diving.

Evoqua’s Intake product line includes all manner of traveling water screens, grab rakes, stationery screens, bar racks and the electronic controls that drive the units. Evoqua’s intake brands set the standard in the power industry, as well as pulp and paper and other heavy industries that use large volumes of raw water for cooling.  We have been innovating the intake industry for over 140 years.

Underwater Construction Corporation is renowned as the finest commercial diving organization in the industry and has nearly 50 years of experience. Their safety record is unparalleled and with over 200 divers certified in all major categories UCC is the best qualified company to represent Evoqua on customer sites.

Their team complies with the nuclear power plant requirements of 10 CFR 50 Appendix-B and 10 CFR Part 21.

Evoqua owns intake brand names that have been installed for up to 100 years. Intake brand names that Evoqua owns include Link-Belt®, Rex®, Envirex®, FMC® and USFilter®.

Because Evoqua is the OEM for those listed brands, we have every drawing and specification for over 10,000 installations worldwide. This includes project drawings, site requirements for replacement parts and O&M parameters for proper maintenance. We also repair, refurbish or rebuild any brand of intake equipment!

UCC technicians have been fully trained on Evoqua traveling water screen brands, so you are assured that the team at your location is fully qualified to meet your site and equipment needs.


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