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Dual Flow Traveling Water Screens

Evoqua's Dual Flow intake traveling water screen system sets the industry stardard for large, raw water channel screening equipment.

Our Dual Flow traveling water screens have become the industry standard design for Intake screening.  This design completely eliminates debris carryover, offers nearly twice the screening area of a Thru-Flow screen and is ideal for high water volumes and heavy debris removal.  Building on the legacy of Rex and Link-Belt with the technologies of today, we provide Dual Flow screens with lower maintenance, greater reliability, and the know-how to meet your specific requirements.

Evoqua's Dual Flow intake traveling water screen system consists of a series of overlapping inclined self-draining screen trays. They are fastened to two steel sidebar bushed chain that operate over large head sprockets which are mounted on a structural drive.

Large volumes of raw water pass through the submerged traveling water screens when they are moving up out of the water, and when they are passing down through the water as well. Debris is screened from the raw water and washed from the screens by high-pressure, overlapping water sprays across the entire back of the screen trays. The debris (sticks, logs, leaves, etc.) is washed into a trough for disposal.

We also have the capability and expertise to retrofit our Dual Flow design to fit your Thru-Flow intake channel with no civil work modifications.  Contact us to review your particular application.

 Typical Applications

  • Power plant cooling systems
  • Water treatment plant raw water intake
  • Nuclear Power Plants (safety related)
  • Cooling tower makeup water systems
  • Rex and Link-Belt direct replacements available
  • Meets 316(b) Fish Protection Compliance

 Side view cutaway of a typical Dual Flow Intake Traveling Water Screen build.


Illustration of how large volumes of raw water flow through an Evoqua Dual Flow traveling water screen structure.

 key Features and Benefits

  • Dual Flow screens completely eliminate debris carryover downstream of the system
  • Our Non-Metallic basket frame offers dramatically superior performance over conventional steel designs
  • Up to 50% lighter basket design reduces hanging weight, motor torque, wear and maintenance
  • Robust framework able to handle high differential loading
  • Largest debris capacity in the industry with a 6-inch lifting lip
  • Designs to reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Non-Lube main carrier chain and non-lube headshaft bearings
  • Roll-around boot tracking (eliminates underwater moving parts)


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