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Water Intake Systems for Power and Other Industries

Evoqua leads the industry supplying intake screens to over 10,000 industrial and municipal customers in over 70 countries. Innovating intake for 143 years. Large water intake channels for lake, river and seawater traveling water screens and housings.


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If your chain looks like these below, it could break. If your chain breaks you're looking at a very expensive repair - way beyond chains!

Call 855-704-9509 to ask for an intake assessment or to order a new chain.

Would you trust these chains to hold your entire intake system?

Evoqua has supplied thousands of traveling water screens to power generators, municipalities and other industries for the past century. As a recognized leader in the water intake industry, our intake screening systems provide clean, debris-free raw water while minimizing ecological impacts, reducing maintenance problems and extending service life.

Evoqua manufactures thru-flow and dual-flow traveling water screens with fish protection for power plant cooling water and other large, raw water intake systems. Our equipment is used by municipalies utilizing lake water intake systems, sea water intake systems, river water intake systems for screening and providing debris-free water.

We provide intake water screen replacement and retrofit parts for Rex®, Link-Belt®, USFIlter®, Envirex® and other intake brands.

With the only ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility in the industry, and with extensive engineering and manufacturing resources, Evoqua is able to execute water intake projects quickly and efficiently.

let us do your intake Assessment

call Jim Couser at 855-900-0629.

Evoqua is a leading provider in service for intake screens and we will provide you with a free assessment to ensure your equipment is operating with optimal performance and results.

Evoqua Water Technologies serves as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for traveling water screens in over 10,000 installations worldwide! Let our team of fully-qualified experts provide you with a free top-side assessment to evaluate the current condition of your screen(s).

This assessment will:

  • Check wear indicators to expose areas of concern and possible failure
  • Determine approximate estimated remaining life expectancy of key components
  • Review overall operations of the screen(s) for performance and proper adjustment
  • Provide plant personnel with summary of findings and recommendations for equipment

We have major wear components in stock and our safety-rated teams are available worldwide to assist with emergencies or scheduled maintenance.

Make a top-side assessment part of your fall outage maintenance plans

You want your chains to look and act like new to make sure your intake system is efficient!

The Intake Industry just got a new power boost!


Evoqua and Underwater Construction Corporation just created a powerful, new alliance - the most effective solution for customers!



What does an intake system look like when it's working?


We are the OEM of these trusted intake brands:

Rex® Envirex® USFilter® Link-Belt® FMC®
For information on parts or new capital equipment call 1 (855) 407-0936.