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Anita Wypchlo-Zsirai
Global Manager

V-2030 Gas Chlorinator

Gas Feed Systems

The proven chlorinator V-2030 is applicable for high capacities up to 200 kg/h of different gases like chlorine gas. The main characteristic of the chlorinator V-2030 is the proven Wallace & Tiernan® V-notch orifice that ensures industry accuracy and repeatability. The chlorinators operate according to the indirect procedure, i.e. operating under a vacuum that is produced at the injector where the metered gas (e.g. chlorine gas) is dissolved in the operating water and the resultant solution is discharged to the point of application.



  • Potable and industrial water treatment

 Benefits / Features

  • Flexible floor-mounted gas feeder
  • Proven technology, excellent reliability and long service life
  • Reliable V-notch gas flow control and precise metering
  • Direct-reading rotameters with high resolution and readability
  • Serviceability – components easily accessible
  • Operating range for automatic control mode 1 : 20
  • Differential regulating valve for precise feed rate control and efficient injector operation at low vacuum levels
  • Vacuum gauges indicate injector vacuum and system vacuum
  • Conversion kit for automatic control available (electric positioner) V-2030 Gas Chlorinator