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Gerd Wiedemann
Product Expert


Sludge Water Recycling Unit

The Wallace & Tiernan® Series of UFOX sludge water recycling units recycle filter backwash water in swimming pools. The treatment capacity is max. 20 cubic metres of water per day. This recycled water may be used as pool or back wash tank refill water or grey water. The brine resistant UFOX 10-S version is especially designed for salt water pools. The contained salt does not get lost but remains in the recycled pool water. The UFOX systems offer considerably lower operating costs and reduced water and energy consumption.



  • Swimming pools, salt water pools (UFOX 10-S)

     Key BEnefits

    • Considerable reduction in operating costs – fresh water, waste water, energy
    • User-friendly, fully automated operation, self-optimizing rinse intervals, daily function and integrity tests
    • Compact, space saving design
    • Multi-stage recycling unit with ultrafiltration as central treatment stage
    • Fully automated operation with daily function and integrity tests
    • Documented savings
    • Continuous control of filtrate quality UFOX 10