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Anita Wypchlo-Zsirai
Product Manager

Automatic Changeover Modules with CCU, V-015, A-015, AU-015

Proper disinfection of potable, pool and process water with gaseous or liquid substances is guaranteed only if the supply of these chemicals remains uninterrupted.

Evoqua offers various automatic changeover modules to ensure an uninterrupted and unattended changeover to a fresh gas supply when the on-line supply is exhausted. Once a storage container reaches a specific low level, changeover module switches to the next available full tank or bank. This means all available chemicals are optimally utilized.

There are three types of changeover units available in Wallace & Tiernan® portfolio depending on the type of installation. Changeover may occur on vacuum gas line, pressurized gas line or liquid line.  Please refer to the attached brochure or contact Evoqua Water Technologies for more information.



  • Municipal or industrial water treatment
  • Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment
  • Industrial process water
  • Aquatics

 Key benefits

  • Continuous chemical supply for broad range of applications
  • Depletion limit device to avoid corrosion in the chlorine gas cylinder
  • Suitable for chlorine, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and others
  • User-friendly, automatic system with manual lever for emergencies
  • Ensures optimal utilization of applied chemical

 Tehnical Data

DescriptionVacuum changeoverPressure gas changeoverPressure gas and liquid changeover
Flow rate (at 20°C)10 kg/h Cl220 kg/h200/1000 kg/h Cl2
Max. operating pressure-15 bar25 bar
Changeover pressure-400 mbar1 bar falling1 bar falling
Ambient temperature0 – 50 °C0 – 50 °C2 – 50 °C
Connection typePVC tube DN 15/20Connected to flexible line with union nut 5/8-18 UNFR1" screwed flange acc. To DIN 2999
Electrical connection85 – 240 V AC, DC85 – 240 V AC, DC85 – 240 V AC, DC
Dimensions (W x H x D)385 x 555 x 200 mm165 x 530 x 200 mm875 x 600 x 265 mm
Weightapprox. 16 kgapprox. 16 kgapprox. 28 kg Automatic Changeover Modules with CCU, V-015, A-015, AU-015