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​Anita Wypchlo-Zsirai
Product Manager

Water Champ® FX Chemical Induction System

The Water Champ® FX chemical induction system features an innovative design and superior mixing characteristics in open channel applications.

The Water Champ system provides highly efficient mixing and rapid diffusion of disinfection chemicals in an open channel application. The system is constructed from materials to be compatible with a wide range of disinfection applications in drinking water, wastewater and industrial processes. The versatility of the design allows for liquid feed or vacuum-based gas feed of chemicals: chlorine, hypochlorite, chloramines and dechlorination agents.

All chemically wetted components are made from Grade 2 Titanium (unalloyed) to be long-lasting and compatible with disinfection chemicals. The innovative mounting system can be freely configured for open-channel applications and easily retrofitted to existing channels, basins and tanks.



  • Wastewater chlorination/dechlorination
  • Water reuse
  • Chloramination
  • Drinking water reservoirs
  • Rapid mixing (e.g. coagulation)
  • Oxidation (e.g. iron and manganese removal)
  • Power/cooling water intake
  • Zebra mussel and filamentous bacteria control

 Key Benefits

  • ​​2x better mixing and diffusion than other systems
  • 40% less energy required over conventional methods
  • 20% chemical reduction possible over conventional methods
  • No dead zones; achieve complete chemical dispersion
  • Improved disinfection performance at variable flow rates even down to 2.2MPN or non-detect levels


Gas InductionLiquid Induction
Water Champ 5FX3,00060255.7
Water Champ 7.5X4,50090306.8
Water Champ 10FX6,000120409.0
Water Champ 15FX8,0001605011.4
Water Champ 20FX10,0002006013.6
Water Champ 25FX10,0002006013.6
Motor Protection Device for Diagnostics and Protection monitors up to 17 parameters ​ ​
System Control Panel including the Motor Protection Device in NEMA 4X enclosure ​ ​ Water Champ® FX Chemical Induction System