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​Theresa Liebchen
Product Expert

SafePrep XC calcium hypochlorite preparation system

– easy and safe

With the SafePrep XC® preparation system, Evoqua Water Technologies offers a patented process by which operators can safely and simply use calcium hypochlorite. Up to now, commercial calcium hypochlorite is classified as an oxidising hazardous substance and is thus subject to restrictive legal requirements for storage, transport and application. The operator must avoid direct contact with the corrosive material as well as inhalation of dust coming with commercial calcium hypochlorite. Moreover, the calcium hypochlorite solution can generate sludge, which can disrupt dosing and must be disposed properly.



  • Perfect completion for large leisure pools
  • Easy supply of additional pools
  • Minimized by-pruduct entry
  • Maximized safety for the operator

     Benefits / Advantages

    • Safety - dust-free and with no direct chemical contact; easy storage, since it is not classified as oxidising; prevention of an erroneous connection with organochlorine compounds (danger of explosion) by code system
    • User-friendly - intuitive, easy-to-understand control and simple change of drums; no costly and dangerous decomposition of unavoidable residual sludge
    • Flexibility - system to buy or to rent perfect for seasonal operation
    • Low invest - easy to install and retrofit, small space requirements and ready for operation SafePrep XC calcium hypochlorite preparation system