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​Jonathan Dick
Product Manager

OSEC® - NXT Membrane Electrochlorination System

The OSEC®-NXT membrane type electrolysis system offers swimming pool operators a safe, reliable and economically efficient alternative to chlorine production.

​The OSEC-NXT membrane-type electrolytic chlorination system produces sodium hypochlorite directly on site through the electrolysis of brine. As a result, it is unnecessary to store chlorine gas and handle hazardous chemicals. The OSEC-NXT system produces hypochlorite at three times the strength of typical on-site systems, while still maintaining benefits of the low concentration such as greater stability and safety than commercial hypochlorite. In addition, as almost no salt remains in the product, the application will not increase in salinity.



  • ​Commercial leisure and swimming pool
  • Potable water treatment
  • Industrial process and wastewater treatment 

 Key Benefits

  • ​Continuous on-line produced disinfection solution avoids by-products
  • High efficiency by optimized and continuous conversion from brine to sodium hypochlorite solution
  • Long life system through optimized production and integrated capacity control
  • High operating safety, just requiring salt and water
  • User-friendly touch pad control
  • Skid-mounted system for easy installation OSEC® - NXT Membrane Electrochlorination System