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​Jonathan Dick
Product Manager

OSEC® B-Plus Hypochlorite Generation System

OSEC® B-Plus system is a full featured modular system generating 0.8% sodium hypochlorite through the electrolysis of a brine solution using only water, brine and electricity

​By producing hypochlorite on-site and on-demand, the system eliminates concerns associated with transportation and storage of chlorine gas or commercial sodium hypochlorite solutions, making it ideal for any application requiring chlorination. Due to its low concentration, the hypochlorite solution generated by the OSEC B-Plus system minimizes degradation issues of commercial hypochlorite. In addition, the system offers lower operating costs than commercial hypochlorite, typically resulting in attractive payback periods.



  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Wastewater and Water Reuse disinfection
  • Distribution system re-chlorination
  • Reservoir residual management
  • Chloramination

 Key Benefits

  • Inherently safe system design and process controls
  • Highest process efficiency yields fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Robust electrolyzer construction for reliable operation
  • Compact modular approach ideal for chlorine conversions and OSHG retrofits
  • Certified to NSF/ ANSI 61 Drinking Water OSEC® B-Plus Hypochlorite Generation System