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 Content product expert

​Stephan Andree
Global Product Manager
+1 910 221 4389

OPC-Server Software

Data Management
​The OPC-Server is a software from Wallace & Tiernan® systems is designed for data exchange with superimposed systems supporting every Wallace & Tiernan RS 485 bus compatible system. Data exchange is bidirectional, this means the OPC client can both read and write process data; process parameters can be changed from the visualization level. Access to the Wallace & Tiernan RS 485 bus takes place via a free serial port of the computer on which the OPC-Server application is running.



  • ​Data exchange of Wallace & Tiernan® units with superimposed systems

 Benefits / Features

  • Simple connection to visualization systems
  • Integration of different field bus systems possible
  • No time consuming programming of drivers
  • Easy implementation by self-executing installation
  • Flexible and efficient access to process data of the Wallace & Tiernan​® measurement and control units
​Interface converters: see Firmware/Software Updates OPC-Server Software