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​Simon Schnitzler

Product Manager


The Wallace & Tiernan® NFOX regenerator reduces the concentration of all disinfection by-products (DBP) and improves the quality of the pool water significantly.

During the disinfection of pool water, disinfection by-products may be created. Nitrate, chlorate, bromate and chloride are solutes that may enter the process during water treatment. Without additional steps the concentration in the pool water will increase continuously.

The easiest but most expensive solution is to increase the fresh water amount. Another method to reduce the concentration of THM and compound chlorine is by the use of multilayer filtration with activated carbon, however the disadvantage is the high risk of filter contamination.



Reduction of organic and non-organic disinfection by-products in pool water

 Key benefits

  • Improved quality of pool water due to reduction of disinfection by-products
  • Less demand on fresh water
  • Low investment, operation and maintenance costs
  • Easy operation
  • Compact, space-saving design NFOX REGENERATOR