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Wallace & Tiernan® systems at Interbad 2016

Total Pool Management: Disinfection, Filtration and Controls

​Evoqua Water Technologies continues a long tradition of delivering high performance technologies and solutions to respond to commercial aquatics, pools and spas latest challenges.

At this year's exhibition held in Stuttgart from  27th – 30th September, Wallace & Tiernan® systems are featured at Booth 3/D60 featuring the latest and most innovative Disinfection and Filtration products in the industry.

 What's new at Interbad 2016?

Disinfection Residual Monitoring

The industry leader in reagentless chlorine measurement, DEPOLOX® Pool Residual Analysers are the trusted choice for water professionals around the world.

Now with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, improved data visualization and more remote communication options.


Reducing Disinfection BiProducts (DBP)

The new NFOX Regenerator is the most effective way to reduce disinfection biproducts like chlorate and bromate in your pool. It can save dilution water and provide more optimum DBP reduction than UV or Carbon based treatment.


Regenerative Media Filtration

The industry leader in aquatics filtration systems Neptune Benson is now part of Evoqua Water Technologies. Come see how the Defender® filtration system can save water, energy and footprint by using advanced Regenerative Media Filtration "RMF" technology.


Total Pool Control and Visualization

The latest Process Monitoring System makes it possible to visualize multiple pool applications on a single, easily-to-configure screen. Compatible with desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone devices you can visualize and control your process remotely. 


Safe Calcium Hypochlorite Preparation System

In case you missed us at interbad 2014, we will also have the award-winning Safe Prep XC calcium hypochlorite system on display as well. See how easy it is to use, no mess and no handling of dangerous chemicals for the operator. SafePrep eliminates concerns about storing flammable oxidizing chemical in your facility.